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Rose Quartz crystal Facial


This facial includes the use of crystals for a more holistic experience benefitting the whole body so involves much more than a traditional facial. Includes chakra balance & crystal wand facial massage. Rose quartz was revered by The Romans and Ancient Egyptians for its anti ageing properties.

Price £42


Pronounced "say-keem" and believed to have originated in the temples of Ancient Egypt.


It works in a similar way to Reiki and is unique to every individual, bringing balance and healing wherever needed.

Whereas Reiki utilises the earth element - Seichem uses :

Earth (Reiki), Air/Spirit (Angelic Light), Fire (Sakara),Water (Sophi-el),

and Violet Flame Energy.

During a treatment the hands are placed on or above the body, and also work in the auric layers surrounding the body. The client usually feels deeply relaxed and may feel a variety of sensations and emotions. There are many reported benefits to health and wellbeing.

It is a fully clothed treatment suitable for everyone.



90 minute New Client Session £48

Includes consultation, Seichem Session, & money off voucher toward follow up session(s)


Follow Up Sessions

60 minutes £42


ayurvedic face reflexology
with kansa wand facial massage

Working on the marmas (energy points) of the face, head and neck helping to rebalance the whole body. This treatment applies the principles of reflexology and Ayurvedic massage on the face, head and neck using techniques to release tension, improve circulation and metabolism, relaxing the body and mind. The treatment finishes with a deeply relaxing kansa wand facial massage





A relaxing therapy working on the aura, meridian lines and chakras. Crystals will be placed on and around the body during the course of the treatment which aims to bring balance to mind and body using the healing properties of crystals, removing stagnant energy and helping to re-align the body's energy system 



Based on a traditional Japanese healing system Reiki brings balance and harmony to body mind & spirit activating the body's own natural healing system

"Re-iki" is a Japanese word meaning Universal Energy. It is used to describe a natural form of healing based on an ancient system developed by Mikao Usui over 100 years ago. 


Reiki is difficult to explain in a few words. The best way to understand it is to experience it. It's unique to every individual and is suitable for both men and women.


What to expect during a treatment

Reiki is a fully clothed treatment which can be given in a seated position or lying down


The practitioner places their hands in a series of positions on (or above) the head and body. The whole body is treated rather than individual areas.

 You may experience a variety of feelings and sensations during or after a treatment but your practitioner will give you a full explanation before the treatment and also discuss afterwards.

 Reiki is used in many U.S. hospitals and in mainstream healthcare in many other countries with a great number of reported benefits to physical and emotional health for people of all ages.

Some people use it purely for relaxation but many people use it as they experience great benefits to their general health and wellbeing.

Price List

90 minute New Client Session £48

Includes consultation, Reiki Session & Chakra Balance


Follow Up Sessions

45 minutes £35

60 minutes £42


Block Booking Discounts or Starter Package Available to save money

Regular Clients also receive additional offers throughout the year via newsletter

Please note there is a £10 cancellation fee for single bookings.


In the case of block bookings there is a £25 cancellation fee and any sessions already used will be charged as single sessions and the remaining balance will be refunded if requested within 28 days of original payment

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